Signature Workshops and Training

Our acclaimed and signature workshops which have Made a Difference in our clients operations.

Strategic Vision Group’s signature programs are designed so that you’ll have the tools and knowledge to apply immediately the next day after the workshop.

We accomplish this with a real-life case studies approach. You will be provided with studies of how successful companies have gained a competitive edge, followed by analysis of their systems, processes and practices.

Our promise is that you will not leave the workshop with only theory, but a practical knowledge of successful and failed strategies which other companies have executed. 

Above that, we aim to provide you actionable templates that you will complete during the workshop, so that you can get immediate help from our trainers who have consulted for Fortune 500 companies.

We’re confident that within these workshops you’ll find a solution for your specific challenges faced today.

Clients we’ve Made a Difference for

Success comes from a competitive edge

Gain an edge for you and your team today

Key Account Management

Grow revenues consistently in your Key Accounts with proven systems and metric-based strategy
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Compelling Channel Management

Create powerful routes for your products & services to reach the market
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Sales Negotiation

Advanced negotiation skills that successful multinational companies are using to keep and grow their most strategic accounts
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Problem Solving with Data Analytics

Learn to implement data analytics and generate insights to solve challenges in your organization
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Good as I have a way to formalize what I always have in mind to something tangible/ measurable to ensure our team meets the goal.


Good training which gives us hands-on after going through the concepts


Interesting with storytelling concept!


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