31 May 2021 – Online Livestream via Zoom (9am to 5pm)

The course explains how ES&OP process works to provide the latest view of the business and enable re-optimization in the light of changing circumstances (including going into recession and/or getting ready to reap the benefits to be amongst the first coming out of slow down times). It will provide an overview of the supporting processes of Product Management, Demand Management, and Supply Management along with roles that Marketing, Sales and Finance play for benefit of the company as a whole. So, whether companies are in the early stages of assessing the value of ES&OP to align their supply chain with company’s financial goals, or starting the transformation of S&OP into an

Integrated Business Management process deeply embedded in their corporate culture, this course will provide valuable tools and assessment to get them to the next level of your S&OP journey. This course is designed for senior executives and all members of the leadership team who are involved in elements of the Integrated Business Management process for their company. It is also an excellent opportunity for a team implementing this process to ensure that the senior management to whom the team reports understands what is being done and how it benefits them

Key Benefits:

• Play a significant role in the entire S&OP process for your company, from implementation to sustained performance
• Interpret the outputs from Product Management, Demand Management, and Supply Management, see their implications on the business, and develop the best forward plan for the company
• Evaluate the critical Integrated Reconciliation element of the process taking the outputs from the process reviews and building a picture of the company position using one integrated plan
• Master the skill to adapt and use the process in a complex situation; in particular, how the process is used in regional and global situations and in companies with multiple sites. Implement this continuous review process instead of the traditional business budgeting process in order to achieve the company’s strategic and competitive priorities
• About the Proven Path for implementation of the process throughout the company and the use of facilitated workshops to accelerate implementation
• Acquire knowledge of how-to setup the Exception Driven forecasting process that improves the utilisation of your resources

Who Should Attend?

GROUP EXERCISE: STRATEGISING CEOs, COOs, EDs, Directors, SVPs, VPs, General Managers, Senior Managers of: • Sales • Marketing • Operations • Demand Planning • Supply Chain • Finance • Logistics • Merchandising • Collaborative Planning