Executive Sales & Operations Planning (ES&OP) Excellence

02 & 03 March 2020 – Bangkok

The seminar is aimed at executives who need to understand the Sales & Operations Planning methodology and how it relates to Integrated Business Management and Lean Thinking approaches. By gaining solid understanding of individual S&OP maturity levels, the senior management can apply these principles to manage their business more effectively and to plan for continuous process improvement.
S&OP/ES&OP/Integrated Business Management are the integrated business planning processes that provide a practical and highly effective way to strategically link sales to operations and finance. To achieve a competitive advantage, customer focused demand plans must be integrated with the management of the supply side of the business. The S&OP process outlined in this seminar provides the knowledge to ensure sales, operations, and inventories are aligned and that plans are measured to enable continuous improvement. In this workshop, participants will learn the concepts and go through the process of improving S&OP and moving the process to next higher levels of Executive S&OP and Integrated Business Management as described by T.F. Wallace, Oliver Wight International, Ventana Research, Aberdeen Group, Garner Research and many others and experienced firsthand by the trainer and his consultants when leading their clients to its successful completion and continuous improvement. The approach is interactive, with participants working with real-life case studies.

This workshop was designed to help improve the following KPIs:
• Customer Service Levels
• Changes to production schedule leading to plant inefficiency and low productivity
• Financial commitments
• Inventory Levels
• Overall Communication
• Control of the Business
• Distribution and transportation costs


• Play a significant role in the entire S&OP process for your company, from implementation to sustained performance
• Interpret the outputs from Product Management, Demand Management, and Supply Management, see their implications on the business, and develop the best forward plan for the company
• Evaluate the critical Integrated Reconciliation element of the process taking the outputs from the process reviews and building a picture of the company position using one integrated plan
• Master the skill to adapt and use the process in a complex situation; in particular, how the process is used in regional and global situations and in companies with multiple sites.
• Implement this continuous review process instead of the traditional business budgeting process in order to achieve the company’s strategic and competitive priorities
• About the Proven Path for implementation of the process throughout the company and the use of facilitated workshops to accelerate implementation


CEOs, COOs, EDs, Directors, SVPs, VPs, General Managers, Senior Managers of:
• Sales • Marketing • Operations • Demand Planning • Supply Chain • Finance • Logistics • Merchandising • Collaborative Planning

Pre-Course Questionnaires

To ensure that the workshop delivered maximum benefit to you, a pre-course questionnaires will be sent to you prior to the event to ascertain your need. Our prominent trainer will analyze the completed form to warrant the course is customized according to your needs.