6 & 7 September 2021 – Online Livestream (9am to 5pm)

This course is designed to ensure that you turn your customer offerings into compelling ‘value propositions’ and grow significant demand for your products and services and differentiate you from the competition. It will require you to think laterally about what you actually offer your chosen market(s) in order to capitalise on sales and marketing opportunities. This will help you build demand generation, pipeline, revenues and profits for your company.

Key Benefits:
• Define and evaluate customer propositions.
• Understand and apply key principles in developing customer propositions. Value proposition models and frameworks
• Work more effectively with other functions in the organisation to deliver successful customer propositions.
• Align multiple customer contact points to ensure consistent delivery.
• Evaluate and measure the effectiveness of propositions, both internally and externally.
• Develop an understanding of, and the skills relating to, the formulation of compelling business cases–ensuring that propositions can be sold internally, before externally

Who Should Attend?
This course is for product, marketing, sales and managers and practitioners or managers whose role (or a part of it) will involve the research, development, delivery and sales of customer value propositions ‐ defining and developing offerings to a market/segment/audience/customer