25, 26 & 70 January 2021 – Online Livestream via Zoom (9am to 5pm)

Balancing supply and capacity planning with customer demands, together with volume and product mix requires an effective Business Forecasting Process as a vital component of the overall Supply Chain Strategy. Making improvements in Demand Management and Forecasting is one of the most critical factors to be able to attain a lean supply chain, since a clear correlation exists between High Forecast Error and Missing Market Share, Lost Sales or Wasted Expenditures.

Industry leaders and decision makers need to re-examine the way businesses think about the future. Forecasting is difficult and inaccurate, but one reason for that inaccuracy is a misplaced emphasis on PRECISION. Organisations must recognise the forecasts are not meant to give us a sense of certainty, but to guide us to the best decisions in an inherently uncertain environment. Leadership in Demand Chain Management results in increased customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and increased profit levels on the bottom line.

Key Benefits:

– Develop and refine methods and processes to link forecasting to the growth of revenue
– Master the skill to ‘sell’ the demand planning to your organisation through higher inventory turns and higher customer service
– Leverage on the value of internal and external collaboration that leads to more accurate forecasts
– Enhance your knowledge of statistical concepts that are fully applicable to all forecasting software packages and systems
– Examine the strengths and weaknesses of different statistical methods used to forecast sales
– Learn the ways to incorporate the market intelligence into statistical forecasting
– Evaluate various forecasting approaches and their place in evolution of independent forecast to the One Number Demand Plan
– Through case studies, gain practical understanding of how the consensus process leads

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, COOs, Executive Directors, Directors, SVPs, VPs, General Managers, Chief Procurement Officers, Head of Supply Chain, Analysts, Planners and Forecasters who are responsible for:
• Forecasting / Planning
• Demand Planning / Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Sales & Operations Planning
• Statistical Modelling
• Procurement / Purchasing
• Demand Supply
• New Product Forecasting
• Allocation and Planning
• Load Forecasting
• Production Planning
• Material Management
• Logistics
• Inventory Management
• Strategic Planning
• Brand & Product Managemen