15 January 2021 – Online Livestream

This programme will show you how to powerfully manage channels and alliances for your business both in national and international markets and take you through powerful case studies of best practices from leading companies. Your business will be coached through how to select the most appropriate distribution/reseller/value-add channels and alliances, motivate channel and alliance partners with powerful incentives, manage channel and alliance conflicts with effective conflict resolution processes and master the pricing of your products and services with channel partners.

We will also consider the impacts of how the channel and alliances are evolving to take into account advanced alliances and platform models which are running the world’s leading businesses, think Amazon, Alibaba… It is essential for every business involved in channel and alliances management to select and manage the right partners and build and manage effective working relationships that build trust, add value and avoid conflict so you can drive maximum performance for your business.

Key Benefits:

– Identify contemporary key trends, opportunities, challenges involved in channels and alliances.
– Incentivising channels and alliances through motivational programmes and techniques for partners and their staff.
– Manage conflicts effectively and re-invigorate partnerships
– Recognise the benefits of adopting a sales and marketing process to partners.
– Effective pricing management for the partners.
– Handle joint channels and alliances selling and marketing approaches.
– Understand the differing and emerging types of channels and alliances
– Use developments in supply chain management for mutual benefit.
– Determine selection criteria for channels and alliances partners using templates.
– Develop and agree clear account management plans for partners.
– Evaluation using reporting and feedback standards.
– Agree and assess the performance criteria for channels and alliances partners.
– Setting ground rules and disciplines for your channels and alliances partner relationships.

Who Should Attend?

Managers and staff involved in channel and alliances planning, channel and alliance account management and those who are involved in the selection, motivation, evaluation and management of channel and alliance partners.