22 January 2021, 2020 – Online Livestream via Zoom

This workshop aims to provide a broad but practical overview of the entire analytics value chain; with a focus on using data visualization to convey intended messages from the data to an audience. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of visualisation and get their hands “dirty” building different visualizations using Tableau (cited in Gartner’s magic quadrant as one of the top platforms for business intelligence in 2019). This is targeted at professionals and managers in non-analyst roles but may be required to work with or make sense of data and presenting data in their work.

Key Benefits:

• Appreciate the impact that data visualisation has on the realization of value in analytics; particularly in today’s data driven world
• Understand the key principles and elements of building an impactful data visual
• Understand the basics of Tableau navigation
• Gain practical experience in creating key features of Tableau functionality such as charts, maps and animation
• Develop an interactive dashboard and learn to gain insights from it

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for managers, professionals and staff at all levels who want to learn and improve their understanding and skills in data analytics, particularly in applying analytics to problem solving. The course is suitable for participants across all industries and job functions. Participants are required to have basic MS Excel skills; no prior knowledge of data analytics required.