31 August 2021 – Online Livestream via Zoom
Participants are required to bring their laptops with MS Excel (ver 2010 or later)

In this data age, the ability to extract value from data is a highly sought after by both individuals and organizations. While data analytics is often associated with hard skills such as database management, programming and statistics; hard skills alone are not enough. It requires the right mix of soft skills to contextualize the problem, make sense of the analysis and communicate it in a concise, coherent and compelling fashion to drive action.

This is one of a series of three one-day online workshops. Each workshop is modular in nature, addressing different aspects along the analytics value chain.
• Data Analysis – a 1-day workshop that focuses on the technical aspects of mining data for objective insights
• Data Visualization – a 1-day workshop that focuses on presenting data in accessible forms to get the right message across using data visualizations
• Data Storytelling – a 1-day workshop that focuses on presenting analyses and proposals in a concise, coherent, and compelling fashion to facilitate decision-making

This workshop aims to provide a broad but practical overview of the entire analytics value chain, with a specific focus on data management and analysis. Attendees will get the opportunity to get their hands “dirty” with large data sets and experience what it takes to deliver objective insights. This is targeted at professionals and managers in non-analyst roles but may be required to work with or make sense of data and analyses in their work.

Key Benefits:

• Understand what data analytics is and what it takes to deliver value
• Develop analysis frameworks through problem definition, hypotheses development and identification of data requirements
• Gain practical data analysis skills through descriptive and inferential analysis exercises with MS Excel
• Gain exposure to various analytical and visualization techniques and tools to glean insights from the data

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for managers, professionals and staff at all levels who want to learn and improve their understanding and skills in data analytics, particularly in applying analytics to problem solving. The course is suitable for participants across all industries and job functions. Participants are required to have basic MS Excel skills; no prior knowledge of data analytics required.